Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps was founded by Dan O'Neill and Ellsworth Culver in the year 1982. The aim of the organization was to provide relief assistance to countries torn by war or a unexpected natural disaster. Their first project started in 1982 at Honduras. Mercy Corps shifted their focus from just providing relief assistance to focus on providing solution for the long-term problems in many countries, hunger and poverty. Mercy Corp is a charitable organization funded by many companies and thousands of individuals.

Mercy Corps office is at Portland, Oregon which is located in the North Western United States. The company is headed under the leadership of Neal Keny-Guyer, who is the CEO of the company. Mercy Corps also have offices in other locations such as New York, Seattle, Washington, Cambridge, San Francisco and Edinburg, United Kingdom. Mercy Corps serves people in over 107 nations and helps over 16.7 million people to recover from natural calamity and poverty each year.

Mercy Corps is a humanitarian group which is rated as one of the most effective groups in America. The company was the first to provide relief measures in number of major natural calamities across the world. It has not only pioneered in providing relief but firmly believes in the development programs, which help in rebuilding communities. About 95% of the people who work for Mercy Corps are from their own nationality. This helps in understanding the needs of their own people, effective communication and also in finding an apt solution for rebuilding their community. Most of the members have benefited by the Mercy Corps programs.

Mercy Corps has different programs in various countries. None of their solutions is standard and all vary depending on the country. That is the foremost reason why they combine the efforts and understanding of local people and experience of expatriate team members. This helps the group to find solution in overcoming poverty and rebuilding communities.


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